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Clamping systems for cutting tools

Clamping and adjustment systems, quick-change systems for:

  • CNC routers, machining centres and stationary surface mills
  • multi-spindle plunging machines
  • double end tenoners
  • molding machines
  • transfer lines
  • table saws

Clamping and adjustment systems and quick-change systems:

  • Draw-in collet chucks with SK and HSK shank
  • hydro clamping chucks
  • Weldon chucks
  • shrink chucks and mill arbors
  • high-speed CNC drill chucks
  • HSK Modular Tooling Systems
  • HSK mounting devices
  • tool mounting flanges
  • clamping bushing
  • hydraulic flange sleeves
  • FixMatic quick-clamping systems
  • EasyFix quick-change flanges
  • EasyFix quick-change nuts
  • QuickStep scoring systems with detent adjustment