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Prolock HSK - change systems

Pro-Lock HSK clamp sets are suitable for assembling automatic and manual change systems for operating rotating tools. Pro-Lock HSK clamp sets serve as couplings, which are not only suitable as a separating point within the tool system, but also as an interface for direct holding in machine spindles or tool holders (e.g. SK-HSK adaptor). The clamp sets serve as an interface between hollow taper shanks acc. to DIN69893 and holders according to DIN 69063.
We offer different HSK-grippers for automatic- and manual use.

APL-grippers for automatic HSK-tool change, 8-times slotted collet for extremely high pull-in forces.
Without long-winded adjustment of the pull-out stroke, simple assembly to the stop.
Integreated End-stop, as well in Clamp-direction as in Pull-out direction.
Avilable for direct spindle assembly and for assembly with adapter plate.
The premounted unit consisting of APL-gripper and clampunit gets pulled into the spindle from front.
Pneumatic releasing unit with digital sensors gets screwed onto the spindle from behind.
Transmission of releasing force from pneumatic unit through slide valve into the clampunit.
No additional airblast channels needed. Air blast duct through pneumatic unit, slide valve, clamp unit into gripper area.

Both manual clamp sets the axial clamp set and the radial eccenter clamp sets are suitable for the rotation-symmetrical, high-speed-resistant HSK holders type E and type F (used especially in the field of light metal and wood machining). The tool change takes place by using a hexagon wrench. The very high clamping forces created in the tool shank give the extreme rigidity of the tool holder. The circular grip of the clamping claws inside the hollow shank taper guarantees an absolutely clearance-free connection.

HSK-Spanneinheit Spindel