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Prolock Tool clamping sleeves


Clambing bushing
for drive spindles with drive key or
hexagonal mould closure

Flange bushings serve as an interface between the drive shaft of the processing machine and cutting tool. Mounting on the machine takes place with a cover disc and fastening screw. Flange serve for holding different tools such as cutters, milling tools or circular saw blades. The tool is mounted with metric fastening screws. The flange are case-hardened with precise, ground contact surfaces. Delivery without machine fastening disc with the exception of d=40 hex. If required we will gladly design a tailor-made tool solution for you application.



Hydraulic clamping sleeves
for drive spindles with drive key or hexagonal mould closure

Hydraulic clamping sleeves serve for accurate centred holding of different tools. They are closed multi-chamber hydraulic systems. The pressure is built up by turning in a hexagon socket head screw. Resultant oil pressure leads to elastic deformation of the machine side contact surfaces (displacement principle) The clearance between the tool and drive shaft is eliminated.

Note: Hydraulic clamps especially improve the tool runout and are therefore best used for jointing tools



Clamping sleeves
Clamping sleeves with drive key and one-sided twist protection

Hydraulic clamping are used on throughfeed machines such as moulding machines. They serve for screwing tool sets of different tools and spacing rings such as thin cut saw sets for manufacturing parquet surfaces or tongue and groove sets. Version with screwed in drive key, groove nut and one sided twist protection. If required we will be glad to design a tailor-made solution for your application (e.g. thin cut saw set with spacing rings).


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