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Prolock Collet chucks

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Collet chucks

High-precision collet chuck (hardened, ground, balanced) for clamping shank tools on CNC machines with automatic tool change.

We supply collet chucks with steep taper SK and with hollow shank taper HSK, others on request.
The clamping range is 2mm – 25mm. The delivery includes the the clamping nut.




Mill arbors

For assembling cutters with bore. Rotation-symmetrical with two-sided drive key as twist protection. We supply mill arbors with steep taper SK and with hollow shank taper HSK,
others on request.




Hydraulic chucks

High-precision chuck for clamping shank tools with great runout accuracy.
The use of hydraulic chucks leads to an improvement in the cutting quality and prolongs the tool life.
They are used independently of the rotation direction for left hand and right hand rotation. The simple handling during tool change by the closed hydraulic system leads to a reduction in set-up times high torques (250 Nm on size 25 shanks) can be transferred by the very great clamping force.

Hydraulic chucks are high-speed-compatible and do not generate centrifugal forces due clamping segments of the collets during operation.




Shrink chucks

Pro-Lock shrink chucks are made from a special heat-resistant steel, a special tempering method gives them a very long life and dimensional stability. The runout accuracy is a max. 0.003mm. Clamping with ProLock shrink chucks leads to maximum possible holding force and rigidity for difficult cutting with great feeds. The use of shrink chucks leads to up to 400% longer tool lives and unbeatably high surface qualities. The slim design allows access to maximum machining depths.

For modular installation we can supply you with shrink extensions to suit your application. Pro-Lock-shrink chucks are standard fine balanced. Using the new, fast induction shrink unit, the shrinking process is reversible and infinitely repeatable. This applies both for tools with steel bodies and for tools with solid carbide bodies. Even after 5,000 shrinking cycles, ProLock shrink chucks retain their runout accuracy, clamping force and elasticity.





CNC universal drill chucks

Pro-Lock CNC drill chucks combine simple mechanical handling and function with innovative technology and maximum precision. The excellent runout accuracy and high clamping force meets highest production requirements.
ProLock CNC drill chucks are balanced under consideration of the maximum speed. Rotation direction-independent clamping safety, short clamping and set-up times, very short dimensions and high speeds are very important features.

CNC Universal Bohrfutter