PCD and solid carbide-equipped special milling tools for metalworking

  • We look for optimum tool solutions for your machining application
    already in the offer stage.
  • Design, construction and manufacture of optimally adapted milling tools.
  • Cycle time calculation, calculation of the necessary drive
    performance and the cutting parameters as a service.
  • Special tools with complex geometries can be delivered within
    a max. 5 weeks.
  • Additionally to this we offer you a wide range
    of PCD shankendmills ex-stores.


Klicken Sie um eine genauere Beschreibung zu erhalten PCD-special milling tools

Design, construction and manufacture of milling tools fitted with polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) Today the full potential of existing or new machine tools has to be exploited to stay competitive. Fast, precise, low-cost due to a system with perfectly adapted tools and modern, rational milling strategies These tools are ideal for HSC processing due to their high balancing quality. We design your tools adapted optimally to your application and production conditions. We supply PCD special tools with solid carbide, steel or heavy metal support bodies and soldered blades.

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PCD step tools are drilling tools which contain several drilling and countersink stages. As a rule these tools produce bores, plane surfaces, countersinks in one operation and at the same time the transitions of the individual surfaces to each other.

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Klicken Sie um eine genauere Beschreibung zu erhalten PCD-circular milling cutters

PCD circular milling cutters are used for workpiece contour machining. Bores, incisions, reverse machining or plane surfaces are often machined with only one circular mill. The accuracy of the PCD tools with soldered blades guarantees absolute multiple cut accuracy. The tools are internally cooled at every blade.

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Klicken Sie um eine genauere Beschreibung zu erhalten PCD-plano-milling tools

Suitable for machining plane and connection surfaces. They can be used for pre-machining and finishing. Tools of this series are distinguished by simple, robust structure, excellent milling performance and milling quality as well as the high cost-effectiveness. They are designed with inside coolant-lubricant supply and are HSC-compatible. The free-cutting properties of the PCD tools also allow burr-free milling in dry cutting at the same time as maintaining the narrowest dimension tolerances.

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Klicken Sie um eine genauere Beschreibung zu erhalten PCD-face milling cutters

We make circumference cutting PCD face milling cutters for separating, milling, profiling. With bore collar, key way or any twist protections. PCD disk milling cutters are built to user-specific dimensions in diameters from 30mm in widths from 1.5mm. These circumference cutting tools can be made to suit the appropriate groove and profile contours.

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We keep an extensive standard range available ex-stores here. Suitable for external and internal milling or for machining bores and grooves. End mills to use for pre-machining and finishing.
Ball nose mills.
With or without inside coolant-lubricant supply.
With or without centre cut.
Two or multi-bladed tools for groove cutting or milling ballways.
Basic bodies made of solid carbide or steel.

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Klicken Sie um eine genauere Beschreibung zu erhalten PCD - overgrooving head cutters
with inside blades

PCD overgrooving heads in special versions for milling outside workpiece contours Machining of external diameters such as of cast aluminium housings. Here the PCD overgrooving heads are used are placed over the workpiece by axial feed.
User advantages are the stable tool design, low tolerances and improved surfaces.

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Klicken Sie um eine genauere Beschreibung zu erhalten Solid carbide shank-end mill

Solid carbide shank-end mill for roughing and finishing in special versions are supplied with any twist angle and any outside contour. They can be produced in the shortest possible time. The carbide type is chosen specifically to achieve optimum lives and excellent cutting conditions



Klicken Sie um eine genauere Beschreibung zu erhalten Solid carbide drill and thread milling tool

Considerable time saving and immense improvements in the thread manufacture on CNC machining centres are possible by using circular operating drill- and thread milling tools.
The use of “BGF” bore taps enables drilling, countersinking and thread tapping in one operation.

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