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ProChipper Planing tools

With a wide variety of precision planing tools, we offer you tool hydro solutions for manufacturing optimum surface and profile qualities.

Whether planing heads with HSS planer knives, CentroLock-knives, turnable knives, serrated knives, straight or profiled, we offer you a wide range of planning and profiling tools.

We are familiar with PowerMat HSK-tooling sytems for Weinig-moulders and offer you a wide product range for all applications.
Our helicoidal planing heads with turnable knives have been proven many times over and reduce the noise and the force required by the machine due to the spiral arrangement of knives and lead to perfect surface qualities at the same time.

The range of hydraulic clamping systems enables optimum planing quality with high feed rates on high-performance finish-moulders.

We offer diameter constant hydro-finish planerheads with CentroLock turnable knives as well as hydraulic planing heads with planer knives or serrated profile knives made from HSS, high performance sintermetal or hardmetal.

Our microserrated hard metal blanks allow deepest profiles and max. adjustable range.

Production of planed and bevelled wood blocks in one passage is easy with our hydro-bevelling-radius-heads with adjustable profileknives on a lasermarked scale.

To extend the service life of planer knives, we recommend our “Ultra”-coated knives. With the hardening coating “Ultra” it is possible without further ado, to quintuble the service life (in comparison with uncoated knives). Gladly we will indicate some references.


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