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ProChipper Diamond-tools

Today the full potential of existing or new machine tools has to be exploited to stay competitive. Lots of materials allow the use of tools with knives of polycrystalline diamonds (PCD). By useing tools with knives of PCD an immense increase of tool life is guarantied. We offer you a wide range of PCD tools ex-stores.

  • PCD grooving cutters
  • PCD milling cutters
  • PCD dowel drills
  • PCD sawblades
  • PCD hoggers
  • PCD jointing cutters
  • PCD edgebanding cutters

Optimised tool systems for the consistent machining of a material under constant operating conditions.
Pro-Lock offers the tool systems suitable for your application. We design your tools adapted optimally to your application and production conditions.
Special tools with complex geometries can be delivered within 5 weeks.

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Chapter 08 Diamond-tools